Great Dodecahedron in Origami

I’m participating in another origami exhibit. This one is eXtreme Origami and is part of the Origami Heaven convention in Stonybrook, Long Island, and runs thru early August. Go check it out. You can find out more about Origami Heaven here:

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to make to check out the exhibit, so if you want to take some pictures I’ll appreciate it.

The theme of my collection of models is single-sheet complex polyhedra. The models I’m contributing are my Stellated Dodecahedron, Great Dodecahedron, and
Tessellated Dodecahedron (a.k.a Penfractal Dodecahedron). All of these
models exhibit pentagonal symmetry, being based on the dodecahedron, which
is composed of twelve regular pentagons. Each of these models is folded from a single, pentagonal sheet of paper.

You’ve seen the Stellated Dodecahedron recently. I still want to fold a second one, but didn’t get done in time, so I sent the one I folded for OUSA. Did manage to make a nice version of the Dodecahedron Tessellation out of Wyndstone paper, and will show that in a future post.

But this post is about the Great Dodecahedron. It’s not exactly all-new; I folded one from a 12” square of Tant a few years back but was never quite satisfied with it. The new one has a refined CP. The main difference is that it’s from a pentagon, so the corners provide nice flaps and the model goes together well and holds its shape quite strongly. I didn’t even need to wetfold it.

The shape itself is a complement to the Stellated Dodecahedron. Both are composed of sixty triangles and form star shapes out of sets of coplanar faces. With the Great Dodecahedron, the coplanar faces form a pentagon with the star rising out of the middle in the negative space.

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