Fotoz 2017

Winter drags on. We’ve had three nor’easters in the last two weeks, and two more on the way. During the first one a tree branch fell and smashed the windshield of my car. The repair had to be delayed three times because of subsequent stormy days but it finally got done. Lizzy is back home for spring break. Mixing proceeds on the jazz record. We have five and a half songs mixed and the final editing tweaks on the remaining three mostly done.

But the main news of the day is that my photo albums have been updated for the year. Ping me for the login info if you need it. It’s funny we hardly ever even use our camera anymore. Most of these pics were from someone’s phone.

And the Beat Goes On

Believe it or not one, two, three weeks have gone by without anything new happening. Winter drags on with cold and storms. Work work work. In the end I can in fourth out 100 engineers in the bug-fix marathon, just short of getting an extra bonus. Two of the guys ahead of me were managers who get to say who fixes what bug. Hopefully things will relax in the office for a while.

Jay and I are still mixing the jazz record. The editing is all done, and the cleanup mostly so; we’re turning the corner to the actual mixes now. Jay and I did a rough mix of one of the songs last weekend. We still wanna finesse the reverbs, but it’s sounding quite good already. Being a jazz record the effects are pretty subtle, mainly just some light compression and EQ, plus a bit of pan and volume. You hardly realize anything’s been done until you go back and listen to the raw tracks.

Michelle had a nice trip Austria, Switzerland and France, with the youth group from her church, centered around a week in a monastery. I’ve never been to the alps but it sure looks nice; I’d love to go someday. She came back with fifty euros worth of chocolate. Also her robotics team as school has state championships today. If they win I guess she’ll go to the nationals.

Lizzy came home from school for a quick visit, mainly to see the musical at her old high school and hang out with friends. I have a few projects around the house I’d like get finished before spring comes.