Bluezebub by Buzzy Tonic

I’ve pretty much finished mixing and mastering my new jazz record. Which is to say, I’ve been listening back on different sound systems and making ever-smaller adjustments to the mix until I think everything is balanced in terms of tone, dynamics and energy, it’s as good as I can make. And I must say it sounds pretty darn good.

I’m going with Buzzy Tonic as the name of the artist/group, as with my previous studio records, even though the sound of this one is different than the ones before. I’m going with the title Bluezebub [Pandimensional Jazz Tesseract]. Even though the cover image of a Stellated Dodecahedron, it’s a related to a Tesseract as a Pentagram is related to a cube. That would be alot to explain, but I like the word Tesseract and it’s evocative of a higher dimensions even if the precise meaning isn’t clear to everyone.

Next is finish the album artwork and get it up on iTunes and Spotify. Then it’s back to my rock record, which has three songs pretty much done and two more in-progress, enough for a side and then some.

Meanwhile, here are the tracks. Enjoy!