Haven Street CD is Here!

So like I was saying, the Haven Street CDs finally arrived.

They were supposed to be here a couple weeks ago, but UPS lost the shipment. Most likely it was stolen and some guys were selling it out on Times Square. So CD Baby had to do a whole nuther print run. The ones that went to their inventory stayed in house, so I went and bought a copy of the web site just to have one. Also for some reason they set up two pages for the record, one for the digital download and another for the CD, so we had to have them combine the two. At least CD Baby’s customer service has been good about taking care of things once we alerted them.

Other things are coming along in connection with promoting the record. We have a facebook page:


And you can now buy or stream the record from iTunes and Spotify, in addition to CD Baby. Amazon coming soon.


Also look for an update to the Haven Street page on my web site coming soon.

Since I was the one to do the design for the album art, I was greatly relieved to actually see it in print and that everything came out the way I planned. You never quite know, cuz things never look exactly the same on the screen, or even if you print it on a printer. But the colors and tones are all good, the layouts line up, everything is legible and spelled correctly, and overall the design creates the right kind of mood.

I should mention that the pictures of the musicians were taken at the recording session by Ed Brydon, a friend of the band. The rest were taken by me, walking around with Gary one cloudy day outside our rehearsal space. We had the idea that we could try and use a street sign, and I ended up getting all these really interesting images of telephone poles and wires, which I then used as the main compositional element.

Reminder: Haven Street is playing live at the Green Growler in Croton, Thursday May 3, 9:00 PM. We had a great rehearsal this week, with all the songs from the record and few new tunes, all sounding great. Promises to be an excellent show.

Here Comes Summer

Been busy as always. It seems that winter dragged on forever and spring came and went in the blink of an eye. Now we’re basically into summer, frequent rainy days notwithstanding. We’ve been having more and more beautiful warm sunny days. Last weekend we were upstate to pick Lizzy up from college, and for a quick visit with parents. Fun little road trip that seemed to give the summer and early kick-start. Realizing we ought to make some vacation plans.

Work has been busy. We had a big reorg of the whole software engineering department. I went from being in the Foundation team of the UX group to the UX team of the Foundation group. Our last major release seems to be a hit and has bought us some breathing room on the features race.

After all this time of building everything as fast as we can, we’re taking a step back and rearchitecting things to make them more performant, extensible, reusable, testable and all-around better. My first project is to create a component system for our UI elements. If feels like we just got going but we’re already transitioning from the figuring-out-what-we’re-doing phase to closing in on the first round of deliverables.

But the big news the Haven Street CDs are finally here!

Haven Street Album Is Go

Hi everyone! Our new jazz record, Haven Street is finally done! We’re getting CD’s printed up at this very moment and they should arrive any day now.

I’ve updated my web site with a new page at:

More updates coming soon, including more pictures, album art, links and announcements.

Meanwhile we’ve made the music available at multiple sites. You can preview it at:

You can download it, and very soon order the CD, at:

And you can follow the group on social media at:

Spoiler alert: look for gig announcement.