Have an Ice Day

You’d think that by now I’d have something else to talk about besides the bad weather. And I do, I swear. Origami and music stuff, but it’s all work in progress.

The bad weather is neverending. But even so it hasn’t run out of nasty new surprises yet. Today it was freezing and everything iced up bad. In my driveway an 18” high icicle formed sticking straight up like a stalagmite, from water dripping from the power line above. I went out to shovel, which meant mainly breaking up the ice, but left the icicle. Jeannie ran it over with her car.

For some reason Michelle was really excited about Ground Hog’s day. She woke up before daylight and brought her stuffed animals out to the couch to camp out and wait for it, like it was Xmas morning or a space shuttle launch or something. As I was getting up she’d already woken up Jeannie and the two of them were finding the feed from Punxsutawney, PA. So I witnessed the rodent prognosticate an early spring. Oy. Wait until she finds out the rodent doesn’t know jack.

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