A Trip To The Aquarium

Last week the kids had a four-day weekend, so I took a day off from work to take the girls on a special outing.  We went to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT.  They had a bunch of cool stuff there including seals, sharks, sea turtles, lionfish, flounder, crabs, jellyfish, and an octopus.  Also some cool models of sailing ships, and a whole room full of frogs and amphibians, including a tank of rare axolotls.  (My friend Seth once had these cool creatures as pets.)

Lizzy took a ton of pictures and I made them into a gallery.  Also the girls are guest bloggers tonight, telling about it in their own words.

Hello my name is Elizabeth.  Or you can call me Lizzy.  I also like Liz.  Or Eliz.  I love chipmunks.  CHIPMUNKS!  I know they don’t even swim.  But I love them…  Right fish hahaha bing bam bang buuuuurp.  Excuse me. The seals were SOOOOO cute.  The turtles with human heads were also pretty cool.  We got to touch horseshoe crabs, stingrays and starfish.  The sharks were amazing.  Michelle loved them.  They have new African penguins that were SOOOOO cute.  There was a giant sea turtle there.  It was HUUUUUUGE!!!  I told Chippy all about it.  Thank you Daddy for taking a day to take us to the aquarium.  I know how busy you are.    : – )

Hello my name is Michelle.  I hate the sharks.  I love the African Penguins.  The Jellyfish didn’t sting me.  Did you know that I watched the seals and I’ve seen what they eat?  It’s fish.

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