Painting Project Update

We’ve been busy over here as usual, but it looks like we’ve made it thru the coldest darkest part of winter and spring is within hoping distance.

We just finished repainting out living room, having started last weekend. Since our house has a sort of open plan, this necessarily included the hall to the bedrooms, the kitchen, the stairway and the downstairs hall as well the living room itself. Like the family room last month, we were using the same color paint and the main purpose was to freshen up the heavy traffic areas, so we didn’t move very much furniture or do much cutting in on the edges, just started in with the roller. Last time I painted this area right when we bought the house, and I mind I kept flashing back to that time. Unfortunately when the paint dried the color was different enough to be noticeable, so the next I had do go back and do all the edging and blend enough to make it look proper, which included a high wall on our vaulted ceiling. The one place I couldn’t reach was the high walls above the stairs, so I had to wait a week to finish that.

The main challenge was finding the correct ladder. I have a 6’ ladder and a 12’ telescoping ladder that gets up to 20’ so I can get up on the roof of my house and clean out the gutters once a year and that sort of thing. Unfortunately, the 6’ ladder was way too short, but the big ladder was too big and to heavy to maneuver in the stairway. Luckily I was able to pull it apart and use just one half, which was a good foot shorter and much lighter, so with that I got the job done.

Next up, in a month or so, we’ll start in on the ceilings. The living room and family room both have the original coat of paint from when the house was built and could use a fresh coat. Both are pretty big spaces though, so we’ll see how long it takes. Luckily once that gets done, just the trim remains and the whole house will have gotten a fresh coat of paint this year. Hopefully we won’t have to repeat this job for quite a few more years after this.

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