Bad Luck With Things With Wheels

The weather this fall has been really great. Exceptionally mild, sunny and in the 70’s quite often. It’s been getting dark earlier, and soon (probably tomorrow) I’ll have to switch to biking from skating after work, favoring the mode of exercise that has lights and brakes. And not long after that we enter the season of getting up for work in the morning while it’s dark out.

So last Sunday I went to take my Mustang for a ride, possible for the last time this season, depending on the weather. When I parked it I noticed something leaking from the engine, looks like oil or maybe gas. Grumble, grumble. Well it stopped shortly after the motor shut off, and of course it might not be a big deal to fix but you never know, and the hassle factor makes it a bit daunting. And this on the heels of fixing up my every day car.

After that I thought I’d go for a bike ride. I haven’t ridden in a couple weeks and my bike had a flat. After fretting over the Mustang I didn’t really feel like dealing with this too, so I decided to go rollerblading instead. Well as soon as I got down the road my left skate started going thump-thump-thump every time I shifted my weight to that side. About a mile later on of the wheels just tore right off! Well at least this put and end to the noise and rattle.

So I was able to fix my flat and replace the wheel on my skate with a spare old wheel I had lying around. All the wheels are pretty worn but it’s late in the season, and I thought I’d wait until the spring to put on a new set. At this point I’m thinking of getting a whole new pair of skates anyway, since my skates are original Rollerblades that date back to the early 1990’s and are pretty worn.

As for the Mustang, the path of least resistance just to leave it garaged for the winter and deal with it in the spring. But you never know, I just might get motivated sooner if the good weather holds.

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