Mostly Styley

Well, I managed to get the header looking like I wanted to, but it was kind of tricky. Unlike the rest of the style stuff, which is under the control of css and various other config files, the header is under the control of some WYSIWYG tool, that has limited flexibility. If you drill down under that, looking the files on the server directly, you’ll find its a combination of an image file and a php script. So I replaced the file with one that looked like I wanted, and commented out the script, but that just made the tool auto-generate it’s idea of default header. You I had to un-bypass that and edit the script to render the header to match the header image I made. Whew, weird. It’d be better if they had an option upload a header image. Next time I get into the appearance of the blog, it’ll be to make a (fancier) custom header image. Still the site looks good for now.

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