These are Road Games

Summer continues.  The weather has been beautiful and I’ve been spending alot of time outside.  We’ve been busy.  Lots of the usual, including work, practicing music, biking, and taking the mustang out for rides.  Lots of yardwork the last few weekends, including trimming the trees and hedges.  So far I’ve filled up all my yard waste cans two weeks in a row.  Probably one more session to go, but it will be up on the ladder.  

Over Memorial Day weekend we went out to a barbecue at our friend Nick’s house.  The presence of a pull-up bar in his backyard inspired me to add some new exercises to my workout to focus on my lats.  

We got some new furniture, including an armchair for the living room and a sectional sofa for the downstairs room.  A new pair fo end tables arrived today and need to be assembled, and a coffee table is on order.  It all looks nice and is comfortable, is a big upgrade from our old stuff, and represents the culmination of a long and tedious research project.  Well almost.  Now we want to get a new entertainment center, bookshelf and end tables downstairs too.

Of course now we have to deal with getting rid of the old furniture.  A friend of mine who just moved into a new apartment may take our futon and gold chairs.  Meanwhile we have to store it somewhere, so we cleaned out a whole bunch of old junk and boxes from the garage.  Big step forward in project defrag the house.

The other big item is over the weekend I did the class schedule for the Origami USA convention, which is coming up at the end of June.  This is our first in-person convention in three years, and around 140 people signed up to teach classes.  You’ll recall I wrote the software for the scheduling for last year’s (virtual, online) convention.  I made several improvements to it this year.  Still not everything can be automated, so the weekend was full of back-and-forth with the teaching committed as we juggled classes around until it met with everyone’s satisfaction.  I’ll be teaching two classes, my Five-Banded Armadillo, and Sophie the Cat.  I’m also working on some new models for the exhibition.

Lastly, the Global Jukebox 4.2.1 is now live.  The cutover to our new, node-based server is complete, and we can now retire the old backend servers.